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Omnicomm LLS20230


  • Storage fuel tanks (aboveground)
  • Mobile fuel tanks
  • Road tankers
Digital fuel level sensors model LLS-20230 are dedicated to connection the GPS/GSM tracker or remote terminal unit (RTU) with serial input RS 232/EIA-485.

The Omnicomm communication protocol should be implemented before.

LLS 20230 sensor dedicated for use in Hazardous zones and bears intrinsically safe design.

Digital interfaces RS-232 or EIA-485 are used for data transmission. LLS 20230 sensor has similar characteristics as LLS 20160 regarding the noise immunity and accuracy. LLS 20230 sensor intrinsically safe properties are only gained when used together with 
BIS 20240 spark protection unit!

Sensors are supplied with standard probe lengths from 1500 to 6000 mm. The probe can be trimmed according to the exact depth (height) of the fuel tank.


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