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Omnicomm equipment in Rally Dakar 2014

Omnicomm company for the past year has been a technology partner of KAMAZ-Master team. Fuel control equipment was selected by the team in a series of off-road races and is installed on all racing trucks of the team.

The hardest 36th transcontinental rally of all time, Dakar 2014, starts on January 5th, 2014, in the Argentine city of Rosario. It will cover more than 9,000 kilometers in total, of which 5,000 are special stages, to finally reach Valparaiso, one of the country’s more important seaport, after crossing the stunning landscapes of Salar d’Uyuni in Bolivia.

Kamaz-Master, the world's dominant truck team in long-distance off-road races, for the marathon has chosen 5 combat trucks equipped with fuel level sensors Omnicomm LLS and fuel level indicators Omnicomm LLD.  Especially for the KAMAZ-Master team Omnicomm company has developed a new, sophisticated multi-indicator LLD which is installed in the truck’s cabin and allows the team to receive precise and on-time fuel level data for better control fuel balance and consumption. Each extra liter of fuel makes the truck heavier and it is extremely important to accurately fill enough fuel to run the route taking into account different engine modes of operation.

Omnicomm fuel control equipment has already proved itself as a reliable, effective and precise solution for the rally during the second phase of the Russian Championship, Rally Gold Kagan, and in off-road race Silk Way.

"The possibility to accurately estimate fuel consumption and plan the amount required to pass through all stages is an extremely useful tool in the race,” Stanislav Emelyanov said, Deputy General Director of Omnicomm. “It allows you to take as much fuel as needed, and thus ease the truck in order to achieve a higher speed. Our equipment has proven its effectiveness and, most importantly, reliability in off-road race Championship of Russia in 2013 and now KAMAZ-Master will use it in the super marathon Dakar 2014. We cheer for our team and we wish it a glorious victory, contribution in which, I hope we are making".

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