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Integrate fuel consumption monitoring system in your system with a minimum of efforts. We know how to do it!

Manufacturers and integrators of transport monitoring systems search for opportunities to attract new customers, raise sales and thus, increase income. They are looking for such vital features in their products that would literally blow the market. And there is such a feature.

All fleet management systems manufacturers speak about fuel economy. However, in fact, no one of them is able to measure the actual fuel flow rate accurately. Neither analytical methods, nor CAN BUS can provide precise results. While many customers ask for fuel reports, they can’t find the exact and satisfying data in the market.

Omnicomm gives you an opportunity to control the real fuel consumption precisely, measuring the amount of refills and drains, creating all necessary reports.

You will expand the functionality of your solutions easily and quickly. New features will bring new customers. You will be able to sell your solution not only to transportation companies, but also to all the other industries which operate various fleets and consume fuel. As a result, the consumer market of your system will increase significantly. The value of your solution will be way higher than that of a standard solution of your competitors. Your business will be able to reach a new level. Omnicomm has experience providing equipment to hundreds of our partners around the world, equipping more than 0.5 mln vehicles. We are eager to help you!

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Omnicomm unveils necessity of fuel monitoring in Middle East & Africa

Omnicomm disclosed objective necessity of fuel control in the regions, showcasing new solution for integrating fuel consumption monitoring in almost any existing fleet management system. 

Omnicomm launches serial production of a new fuel level sensor Omnicomm LLS 30160

The company has announced launching serial production of the new Omnicomm LLS 30160 with improved molded vandal-proof housing, new heavy-duty metal hose and increased protection against electrostatic, electromagnetic and conducted interference.

Omnicomm’s equipment monitors fuel consumption in Yamaha rally motorbikes

Omnicomm has recently made a debut on motorbikes. Yamaha Motor France assembled Omnicomm LLS and LLD fitting them inside the rally motorbikes Yamaha WR450F Rally.

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